We’re Impostors: Kill Together MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlocked skin, weapon)

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NameWe’re Impostors: Kill Together APK
PublisherGreat Arcade Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked skin, weapon
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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We’re Impostors: Kill Together unites two opposing forces to create the most explosive battle of all time. You will be the control of Hotboy and Ice Girl, red boy and blue girl. Those two people represent fire and water, two seemingly irreconcilable things that are now becoming people in the same group. Either one can freely explore the terrain here, search for bonuses and fight on their own. To make it more interesting, you can build a team of 2 people to destroy the enemy together. Players can also join with four members and unite to bring each other to the destination safely. You actively go to beat the opponent, so attack a lot to receive rewards.

Were Impostors Kill Together apk free

Download We’re Impostors: Kill Together mod – Become an impostor

Two players, Hotboy and Ice Girl, will be directly involved in the match, holding sharp knives to destroy. Moving extremely fast, slashing speed is also decisive, giving the opponent a knock on the spot. Besides, you also have to collect coins to serve the upgrade process. Moreover, the final bosses can appear at any time and duel with you. When 2 or 4 people work together, every challenge becomes easy. So dive into the matches, and create many strengths for yourself. When moving, you quickly find the trophy and land a robust knife on the enemy; the body has been divided in half.

Were Impostors Kill Together mod

You are an impostor who must destroy to find your safety. The task of rescuing teammates is also necessary, freeing them from attacks. Collecting items is also shortening the time for you to complete the challenge. Earn a lot of money for the opportunity to improve yourself and conquer many areas. Fight solo or as a team, depending on the situation, to get the best results. The times of playing dry blood will leave many good impressions at the end of the game screen. You have control over weapons, actions, and tactics. Everything needs to be adjusted for the process of becoming a mighty impostor to continue ideally.

Were Impostors Kill Together mod apk

Coping with the pitfalls

When you join We’re Impostors: Kill Together, you are challenging yourself. Overcoming swamps, sharp iron fences, or ice traps full of oncoming thorns. Players move forward, backward, or jump up to capture multiple items. Controls must be flexible in letting your two impostors complete the mission. When you hit those obstacles, you lose a life. Your survival needs to last as long as possible, so be careful when stepping into the pitfalls. The terrain is also up and down erratically, so the rush will make you immediately fall into the black hole, and the game is over.

Were Impostors Kill Together apk

Control the impostor

Players conquer their abilities by simultaneously tuning two green and red impostors in play. Challenging times when controlling two players at the same time will be arduous. You have to move two skilled characters, go together and fight together. When meeting an opponent, the player hits the enemy all the time to be able to destroy it. Destroying the crew requires a combination of 2 to 4 characters sending sharp knives toward them. Collecting diamonds also involves the reunion of the whole team, quickly earning more. Offer a variety of tactics, and speed up the kill to destroy more objects.

Were Impostors Kill Together android

Collect coins

To survive long in the battle, you must search for coins spread along the way. This is the fastest way to make money you can use. Just jump up or move according to the coin’s arrangement to admit to the treasure. In addition to gold coins, you can flash energy x2 speed to speed up the movement. But don’t be foolish to collect the red circle; reduce your energy there. Knowing how to choose suitable items for yourself is an advantage. You come up with many strategies to get as much money as possible. The members will receive more coins and trophies when moving with the whole group.

We’re Impostors: Kill Together takes the challenge in a fun atmosphere with cute animations. You will have adventures on the dock, whether playing alone or in groups. Set up many strategies to destroy the enemy, and quell the invaders. Players also need many skills to overcome obstacles, soto avoid getting stuck in snow or lava. The challenges posed are challenging for you; try to overcome them. Find all ways to destroy the enemy while preserving life when returning home. Download We’re Impostors: Kill Together mod to become a superhero in the form of an impostor.

Download We’re Impostors: Kill Together MOD APK (Unlocked skin, weapon) for Android

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