Wonder Planets MOD APK 46 (Menu/God mode/Unlimited Ammo/One hit kill)

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NameWonder Planets APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Unlimited Ammo/One hit kill
SupportAndroid 4.4+

When you combine military combat and dating simulators, you get Wonder Planets. A game that can be said to combine these two genres perfectly. Military battles will be personified into attractive characters for you to have a whole new experience. You will want to collect them and go through many romantic stories as the supreme commander. Just have to calculate the tactics to win. Just established personal and romantic outside relationships. Suppose you don’t want to fight too rigidly and seriously. Then Wonder Planets will be the best solution for you to consider and try.

Wonder Planets mod

Download Wonder Planets mod – Experience the perfect anthropomorphized battle

The new beauty and specially designed graphics are the first highlights of Wonder Planets. Unlike some other strategy games, when you do, you will immediately learn what the essential mechanics are and how each battle will play out. Everything is led as slow as possible in Wonder Planets. You have more time to understand the entire context of the game. Get used to the personification in battles. It is most evident in the girls who will fight for you. Looking at the outside, no one thinks it is your fighting force. However, it must be experienced to know how attractive and enchanting it is.

The beautiful girls in this game act as an independent fighting force. When summoning them to the battlefield, they will command their own devices. They both bring tremendous firepower or the perfect support effect for your fighting force. Most are modern machines and no humans. Set in a future where humans use fighting machines instead of pure humans. That makes even more reasonable the mechanism of continuous aerial movement to attack. You are the one who controls the girls to fight. Dodge enemy attacks and return them with a host of cutting-edge technology.

Wonder Planets mod apk

Set up an effective squad

The battlefield will be in the air, and the characters will fly up to fight massive mechanical enemies. A squad has a maximum of 5 members in charge of 3 leading roles. At the top is the vanguard group that will damage the enemy. The second row is healing support for the team’s mainstays. The last row creates a shield to block counterattacks from enemies. Besides the combat members, there is much auxiliary equipment. You are allowed to choose three devices to use in a battle. They will mainly be used when in an emergency. Not all battlefields are the same, so you must constantly change your formation.

Unlock interesting scenes

When not fighting, the main character will have much free time with his subordinates. Possibly on the battlefield, they were the most bloodthirsty and reckless. However, they will be girls with many complicated personalities in everyday life. Reach out and upgrade them to add more equipment and increase firepower in battle. What’s more, unlock many fascinating romantic scenes as you create a good relationship with them. Over 100 exciting action scenes that you will open with more than 50 beautiful warrior girls. Sometimes you also have a chance to unlock new looks for girls. It’s not a problem to change the experience a little bit.

Wonder Planets mod apk free

Choose the right battleship

Your base is a giant warship. It’s big enough to hold all the working, upgrading, training, and resting parts for the girls in command. There are seven types of warships with different sizes, designs, and colors for players to choose from according to their preferences. Part is tactical because some players want a warship with much upgradeable equipment. Or have more rooms to gather more warriors. Any warship can be upgraded with a variety of pretty easy-to-find materials. Do not forget to upgrade warships to make your force stronger after each battle.

In contrast to many previous military-themed games, Wonder Planets delves deeper into the relationship between the commander and his subordinates. Create interesting stories behind lots of action and engaging scenes. But, of course, the primary and most important task is still to defeat the enemy on the battlefield. Wonder Planets mod will be for players who are not too fond of long, tedious battles. Instead, take a break to build a good relationship with your warrior. Apply clever tactics to defeat many formidable enemies.

Download Wonder Planets MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Unlimited Ammo/One hit kill) for Android

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