Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation MOD APK 1.10.2 (Free upgrade)

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NameZen Idle: Gravity Meditation APK
PublisherTech Tree Games
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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This game involving gravity and balls will make you very satisfied and happy. Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation doesn’t need any strategy to win. You add balls and watch them move continuously in different environments. That is the only content of Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation. However, it is something that makes players feel attractive and is worth a try. The goal is to make the balls move to the right place. And because the number is so much, you can hardly lose on the game’s game screens. The variety of terrain and challenges makes it attractive to every gamer.

Zen Idle Gravity Meditation mod

Download Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation mod – Party of non-stop moving balls transfer

You have a challenge set right on the screen. The main task is to let the balls pass through the pre-set obstacles. These obstacles will affect the balls in a certain way. And that can cause them to break. But that’s okay, and you can add more hops. The more balls, the higher the success rate. Overcome challenges and progress to more complex levels. They have more complicated traps that you need to get the balls through. The system also has built-in tools to assist you in moving the ball more easily. We will discuss them in the following sections of the article.

The variety of challenges is an interesting factor that makes Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation so popular. The design of the game screens is not the same at all. The placement of objects and obstacles has a certain complexity. You will hardly be able to pass the level if you only apply a continuous strategy. Instead, change the way the balls appear. Manage their density so that they don’t break when going through obstacles. There are many possibilities and cases to take into account. Unfortunately, this game has no failures. So you can try as many times as you like until you pass the level.

Zen Idle Gravity Meditation mod free

Upgrades for the balls

The balls will be what help you complete the level in Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation. Their lowest grade will be white with medium movement speed. Upgrade at the shop to buy more balls of different colors. For example, the orange ball has a much faster speed than the white ball. The darker the color, the quicker the movement speed. In addition, there are other functions such as different appearance times. The weight and lightness also directly affect the obstacle. Now you have to choose the suitable balls on the corresponding game screen. Of course, they lose money, so if you buy all the money and still can’t pass the level, it will be considered a loss.

Zen Idle Gravity Meditation mod apk

Use new tricks

Through complex levels, it is challenging to complete with only balls. The system will give you the skills you may need to get through the level. Some skills are pretty powerful, like multiplying the number of balls. Increase the amount of money earned when winning levels. Change the movement speed of obstacles… The skills appear randomly at any difficulty level. So if you don’t get the skill you want, don’t be too disappointed. All is luck, and maybe you will succeed in the following levels. Upgrade skills with money through the screen. All stats will be increased to help you on the game screen.

Challenging unique challenge

Besides the regular game screen and have the same purpose. Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation offers many more unique levels and requires you to complete a particular task. For example, let a specific ball move over an obstacle without being another ball. More complex and requires higher skill from the player. The severe aspect and skill investment are mixed with the relaxation of the normal levels. Sometimes you can change the style a bit. Focus on the difficulty and victory to show your friends. The rewards received will be beneficial for later use. Challenge now to show your resourceful intelligence.

Zen Idle Gravity Meditation mod apk free

Play with balls in a new style with Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation. To make this game needs a lot of work and brains. So its quality is also outstanding and holds many players. Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation mod will be ideal if played during a break between work or study. A little time to compete with friends to see who is the number one ball control. Plus, a simple interface can be played for all types of smartphones.

Download Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android

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