Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS MOD APK 1.6.0 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameZombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS APK
PublisherFun Shooting Games - FPS
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS survives the terrorist attacks of scary zombies. You will have to stand between the line between life and death, with no other way to escape, forced to stand up to fight. The invasion of zombies makes things worse; people and landscapes are destroyed. There was only a short time left to deal with such rebellious guys. Human life is threatened daily, and your appearance is like a savior. The great battles show your ability to be ready and slay the zombies to clean the peaceful world.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter FPS mod apk

Download Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS mod – Save humanity from destruction

For an undying hero like you, defeating the zombie army takes a long time. They multiply so fast that you can’t believe it; they go to people and tear. The incidents between humans and zombies are not too strange in Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS. You came to this world to wish humanity would be at peace as before. There won’t be many opportunities left, so take advantage of every moment to do something meaningful. Destruction is always in a state of detonation, and they are like ticking time bombs. Zombies grew up, brought people to an end, cornered them to death, and spread the virus widely.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter FPS mod

It seemed that zombies only appeared temporarily but did not come to the world as fast as lightning. They spread extremely widely, covering all areas, and even the elite scientists had to give up. Only war can extinguish that horde of man-eating zombies; they see you with their eyes flashing, and nothing can stop them. You will have to use large guns to keep an eye on those invaders. The level of growth is fast and expanding, so you can’t keep up, but that’s the challenge. The whole earth is covered with heavy air; everywhere you go, you see zombies with no way to escape.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter FPS apk

Scary zombies demons

The main character has appeared, do not hesitate to go directly to them. They run in a hurry, making people overwhelmed at times, rushing straight like bullets. Their appearance is not beautiful at all; everyone is scared. Blood and blood were full of people, the land they set foot on him that could not develop further. Their destruction has made humanity lifeless, living in hiding in the bushes. Don’t let this situation last any longer; you must act now. You feel the zombies as walking ghosts, walking around the city and looking for humans to eat.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter FPS android

Ultimate support weapon

The gun is a practical assistant; hold it firmly and carry enough bullets to destroy. Pistols and sniper rifles, unique for large arenas, are updated by Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS. Players have the right to change different choices to increase the fun. Each time you use the gun, be very careful, aim at the target and pull the trigger. Your task is to kill the zombies; they also have a long life cycle if you don’t know how to kill them. Modern weapons will assist you in aiming and pulling the trigger. Maneuver your gun or use your paraglider to deal with their dirty tricks.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter FPS apk free

Reset the world order

Zombies have made the whole universe crazy, and the virus is growing and growing. The zombies keep walking hand in hand with you, and they also feel the smell of cannons. Please take advantage of the terrain to hide when necessary, and fly to the sky to stay out of their reach. Guns and grenades are always carefully equipped; without preparation, you immediately fall into the sights. Always have to race with them and never let yourself back down. Walk in the woods, tall grass to kill zombies. Humanity is in dire need of you, great heroes of the world. Once the zombies disappear, your merit is excellent, and the peaceful moment has returned.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS creates a high position for players but poses many challenges. With this action, you also always need confidence and strong will. Sometimes you are distracted, forget to be alert, and get counterattacked by zombies. But that’s okay, and everything will gradually become stable again, and the world will also be at peace. To do so, players always come up with the right strategy, responding to each situation. Many dilemmas cause you a headache and even defeat at the hands of the enemy. Facing bosses will have many disadvantages if you do not have enough weapons. Download Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS mod confidently destroys zombies and saves a life for humanity.

Download Zombie 3D Gun Shooter: FPS MOD APK (God mode/Dumb enemy) for Android

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