Zombie Farm MOD APK 1.2.9 (Menu/Unlimited money/Attack multiplier)

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NameZombie Farm APK
PublisherConnect Mobile inc
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Attack multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Zombie Farm created a force of fearsome monsters; that began to invade the world. Players act in succession to block their attacks. The measures of bare hands or using guns have not been effective; they are still strong. A species of plant capable of destroying them is the mutant flower. These flowers have flower bodies, but the flower parts are angry faces. This plant is a new invention; they can stab zombies with their swords or shoot bullets. The player knows this particular flower, so he has planted a garden. The area is expanding, breeding flowers to create diversity.

Zombie Farm

Download Zombie Farm mod – The noble mission of genetically modified crops

These novel plants have special features, so they are widely used everywhere. You perform attacks on zombies more confidently thanks to these plants. You are the creator of the magical garden, cultivating and transforming the power. The plants are also germinated and fertilized like other typical plants. The only difference is the function, they can defeat monsters, and other flowers can’t. Because of that unique feature, you have the right to take back what has been lost to the world. The fights originating from zombies always give you a headache. So the player devised enough methods to punish them; the sweet fruit was picked.

Another unique thing about Zombie Farm is that you build a farm in the sky. With such a great height, the flower tree still survives and develops as usual. You can explore over 70 different plant varieties, each with unique character. Perform the entire process, such as watering, fertilizing, spraying pesticides, and upgrading. For high-level versions, you should combine potential varieties. You can also decorate your garden according to each style. But don’t be so busy taking care of your appearance that you forget to water your plants daily. Do not let them wither; your fight against zombies will also fall.

Zombie Farm apk

Merge trees of the same level

As these flowering plants are grown, reaching the same level, you can merge. Players need to move trees with the same color and similar species closer together. This merging process results in a more complete and upgraded look. The stronger the opponent, the more you have to pay attention to this promotion. In addition, using Angry Boost also helps you speed up planting, flowering, and performing tasks. Auto Merge machines pamper you even more with the self-merge feature. You are idle, doing many things at the same time. The opponent keeps bringing troops; the flowers will automatically release bullets.

Zombie Farm mod

Survive with zombies

The obnoxious zombies never stopped the fight. It would be best if you accepted their challenge; there is no other choice. The zombies appeared, causing people to panic and run away, leaving no one left to fight. This also becomes a disadvantage; you do not have teammates to fight. But that’s okay; other mutant flowers please you. Each level that it took on the challenge was completed excellently. You need to develop a strategy for the flower’s growth; everything else is automatically handled. Zombies work with 60 types of herds, so you should mobilize the army of plants to fight with them.

Zombie Farm mod apk

Level change

Zombies change their appearance, and flowers start to grow and get more robust. Will the level have a breakthrough? Zombie Farm answered yes, with 200 stations for players to comfortably play in challenges big and small. Maintain battles with a few zombies until they drag teammates uncontrollably. As each level progresses, you are greeted with new stories. With three chapters, your journey to conquer zombies is also long and very interesting. Freshness always brings something unique; players love it happening in adventure. The magical elements will surprise you; the further you go in the levels, the more attractive it becomes.

Zombie Farm allows you to own a garden full of ghost elements. The mystery of the mutant flowers and the scary, scary zombies is always the perfect combination for players. It would be best if you expanded your planting area, and increase productivity as quickly as possible. Only you can control these flowers; they are also tough. Care for it carefully because of the strict process; when it blooms, it possesses breakthrough power. Download Zombie Farm mod, and fight zombies with the world’s strangest mutant flower garden.

Download Zombie Farm MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Attack multiplier) for Android

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