ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK 1.78.0 (Unlimited money, God mode)

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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ZOMBIE HUNTER entered the battlefield full of zombies and death, and the apocalypse finally came. A world where zombies are more numerous than humans, day and night stalking to consume you. They have been raging on this earth for a long time, and no one has been able to rule them again. And now you have appeared, like a great savior, the great hope of all humanity. The competition between two opposite forces will create exceedingly terrible battles. They are stronger than you think because they are transmitted by transmission; this virus can be transferred between many people. Their appearance is unlikable, bloody, and timid, clinging to you and not letting go.


Download ZOMBIE HUNTER mod – Defeat zombies and restore peace

Wherever you go, zombies rush to you there; they see you as delicious bait and tear each other apart. Zombies are no longer aware of what they are doing and have been invaded by a malicious virus. Eyes widening, flashing, want to go ahead and destroy you; if you don’t run fast, you have no way to live. Humans gradually become the target of attacks, and they want to eat you. Players are their only lifeline, so be careful. The campaigns you participate in also have a particular investment in quantity and quality. Weapons, aircraft, and missiles are guaranteed standard and support tools.


ZOMBIE HUNTER is looking for professional snipers with top shooting skills. Your ecstatic plays make the team of zombies look up, be defeated, and cannot be changed. You are an ordinary person on the outside, but no one knows that inside, you carry the spirit of a hero. Let’s promote that capacity properly and create an unexpected breakthrough. Zombies are not very nice, so there is no need to compromise; aim straight and shoot. They need to be destroyed quickly before bad things happen to the world. This time you take on a considerable role, bearing the new title of the king of murder.


Bach won a victory

Top-notch shooting skills will be practiced daily; the more zombies you have, the more experience you will have. The first step was never easy, and their army kept moving forward. At first, you may be stunned by their might but gradually get used to it. Maybe practice hitting one target, then two, and so on. But possessing a top-notch weapon only takes one aim to destroy an entire army. So your skills will improve gradually over time, going through each level. The shooting effects will not disappoint you; the sound of light makes you more sublimated.


Sniper gun treasure

Weapons are indispensable assistants in battles with zombies and have martial arts. ZOMBIE HUNTER provides players with sniper rifles, pistols, bows… the most expensive ones are available. There are many different genres, but the usage is straightforward, and the operation is quick. Just hold the gun, aim and press the trigger, and move in the direction where the zombies are standing. They can die under your motivation, not too hard but need patience. They come faster than you think; your rounds must also be commensurate with the number of zombies. Play and score high to get the chance to choose guns, and upgrade yourself to challenge more.


Types of scary zombies

There are no cute or attractive zombies, and ZOMBIE HUNTER even transforms them to look much more creepy. It can be doctors still being attacked by the virus or ordinary people. The undead made a terrible appearance, lying on the road, unable to take a space. The more they come to light, the more they do because they see people and you. They possess many different shapes and various forms and can kill people. They attack you from the front or hit you from the back; the moment you ignore it, they will kill you. Therefore, using all skills and weapons to eliminate them, there is no chance of life.

ZOMBIE HUNTER will also allow players to build bases to survive. After the terrible kills, you must rest to recover your health. This place accumulates food, weapons, and fuel for battle uniforms and protects them carefully. Don’t let zombies know about your storage, or they will attack to survive. The competition between life and death is full of magic, going on day and night. The moment you live in this world is not too much; take advantage of it to do extraordinary things. People need your help, and they need the beautiful blue sky instead of the dark. Download the ZOMBIE HUNTER mod, and get ready for the doomsday battle.

Download ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK (Unlimited money, God mode) for Android

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