Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK 2.5.9b1 (Unlimited money)

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NameZombie Idle Defense APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Zombie Idle Defense is one of the zombie shooter games. Good gameplay will bring attraction to players. The game gives you control of the city, protected from attacks from zombies. The appearance of zombies will bring danger to the whole city. You will be the one standing up to fight for safety here. Explore many locations, kill cruel zombies. Take control of the areas and quickly destroy the entire army of zombies. Become a winner, bring freedom to people.

Zombie Idle Defense mod download

Download Zombie Idle Defense mod – Defeat zombie assassins

With only the gun in hand, you will step into the battle to fight the enemy. Zombie Idle Defense offers levels of play for you to experience. Dramatic missions through each level, facing a large force of enemies. Players will be carrying a noble mission, protecting human life. Each level will be a challenge for players to overcome. When you have completed the participation to level 35, you will be able to use the game’s new features. Shoot fast and let the player enter the intense battle. Attack the zombies to bring peace to this city.

Zombie Idle Defense mod android

Shoot all the zombies that appear in front of you. They will follow in armies, appearing everywhere. As one of the brave warriors, you will attack them. Zombie Idle Defense has brought interesting gameplay that meets the desires of gamers. Entertainment, fierce battle with gunfire. This is the game for those who like the attractive fighting style. Most of the people here have become zombies. You will be forced to fight, rescue the survivors. At the defensive position, use the gun to shoot consecutively at the zombies. All that the player needs to do will be to destroy them as soon as possible. Shoot down and make the zombies unable to resist.

Zombie Idle Defense mod

Save the apocalyptic world

Dead scenes and bloodthirsty zombies are always on the hunt. The world is dark and death can come at any time. You will be immersed in this place, facing the zombies. Take on significant responsibility, destroy the zombie army quickly. Where almost everyone has been turned into a zombie, the number of survivors is relatively small. The pandemic has completely ruined life here. Players will need specific strategies to be able to deal with them. Its strength and attack ability is tremendous, you will encounter many difficulties at first. This world will depend on you, rescue people from the cruel attack from zombies.

Zombie Idle Defense mod apk

Buy combat weapons

Indispensable weapons are guns. Initially, the player will be provided with a default gun. When reaching high levels, the number of zombies is increasing, at this time, upgrading guns is essential. You should buy new guns with high damage. Use the money gained after each round to equip more weapons with many different guns for you to choose from. In addition, Zombie Idle Defense also has a potent bomb attack. When zombies come too much that you can’t shoot to kill them all, use bombs. It can make all zombies die in the fastest time. However, players also need to consider and use when really needed. Because the number of bombs is limited, choose the right weapon to defeat all zombies.

Zombie Idle Defense mod free

How to attack zombies

Touch the zombies and then shoot them consecutively with the gun. The shooting ability in Zombie Idle Defense can only be hit in close range. Players need to execute shooting when they are approaching quickly. Sometimes, too much quantity will also be a significant hindrance for you. Evil and dangerous bosses will constantly come to the player’s area. The fast attack will be the way for players to fight the zombies. A rather unique point of Zombie Idle Defense is that you do not need to use too many operations. No need to reload or pull the trigger before attacking. The auto-fire mechanism will bring players a whole new experience. Eliminate all zombies and win. Download Zombie Idle Defense mod to save the world, kill zombies.

Download Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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