Super Tower Warriors MOD APK 988 (God mode)

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NameSuper Tower Warriors APK
PublisherBravery Games
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Super Tower Warriors play the action of defending the kingdom thanks to the tall towers. You will start fighting the enemy to keep your bases safe. Simple operation, touch the screen, jump or dodge bullets from opponents. Mainly players need to control speed as well as counter-attacks. Hit the enemy with high-class magic spells that make the opponent respect you. Challenging times require the help of weapons to maximize the hero’s power. Build a powerful military system with solid defensive tactics to not lose in any case.

Super Tower Warriors apk

Download Super Tower Warriors mod – Fight to defend the tower

Super tower warriors are ready for the battle, just waiting for you to press start to enter the fight. There will be harsh moments, and the back-and-forth war shows no sign of abating. Instead, you will have to show the force you bring to this match and your breakthrough power. Fight to protect your kingdom, don’t let the brave opponent take away any tower. Players also need time to conquer enemies and build more territory. Many buildings are unlocked, and you will be the first to own them. The towers will also be safe when you have a strong defense, and the battle must always calculate the backup plan!

Not challenging on the ground, but Super Tower Warriors let you play in the arena in the air. You will rely on two rectangular goalposts to hold firmly and advance. The unique touches will help you stay in the hall, but you can also drop at any time. You must hold on to the wall firmly and ensure the combat speed without falling into the sea of ​​​​fire. The game’s obstacles combined with the opponent’s counterattack will make it difficult for you to move. A brave warrior will escape the dangers to punish the enemy. Go as high as you can, boost your fighting power and defeat the enemy successfully to score total points.

Super Tower Warriors mod apk

Character unlock

Super Tower Warriors has designed a character system with unique talents. Shizuko, Aros, Aisha, and Godin are all strong names that can help you overcome significant challenges. Each character possesses a specific combat technique along with the ability to resist. Players can own all those warriors, choosing the one they feel most worthy. When you control a particular hero proficiently, you will also grasp their mechanics, find strengths and promote them. Choose the side to send gold, and put the whole strategy to apply to the heroes. Collect brave warriors to fight giant enemies directly.

Fight with bosses

The opponent lets it become weaker than you, and they also train strength to new heights. The higher you get to the top, the more challenges you face. Bear monsters, giant spider dragons, and other evil enemies are ready for this battle. Challenging bosses will lead to a variety of fighting styles you never expected. Using a lot of defensive measures does not necessarily evade them. The harsh counterattacks coming from them will overwhelm you. Near dangerous situations require smart strategy from the player. Fight bravely with all the monsters, and don’t be afraid to suffer.

Super Tower Warriors mod

Collect coins

Super Tower Warriors create a unique battle where you must fly instead of moving on the ground. This is a new terrain that is challenging for players but extremely interesting. In the process of jumping and touching, you have to enlist to collect coins. The coins can be right in the middle of the road, which is a considerable obstacle. You must cross from this side wall and jump through mid-air to get coins. You must align the correct angle to avoid falling when performing this operation. Those coins will help you unlock characters and collect top-notch weapons. Possessing more ultimate weapons will help you in the process of fighting the enemy.

Super Tower Warriors fight in tower style with many challenges. The enemy was already a great danger, and the battle was even more difficult. Hold on to the path, and fall as if you lost a precious life. The level will be upgraded gradually over time, and the riskiness also increases rapidly. Let’s fight tactically, don’t act on emotions if you don’t want to die early. Successfully dodge sharp objects, hot lava, and enemy bullets. Attack enemies on a new interface by collecting coins. Download Super Tower Warriors mod, become a super tower warrior, strong against all challenges.

Download Super Tower Warriors MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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