The Monster Hunter MOD APK 1.108 (Unlimited money)

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NameThe Monster Hunter APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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How would you feel if the monster hunt was in your own house? The Monster Hunter created a perfect atmosphere, even though it didn’t sound right. Those spectacular monster hunts beneath your bed? All danger will be solved with just one chandelier. It represents the pure light that dispels the darkness and the creatures born from it. And now you will be the owner of this lamp. Hold it up as the perfect weapon. Start the monster hunt with your friend under the bed. The Monster Hunter puts players in many situations that require thinking and reaction to achieve victory.

The Monster Hunter mod

Download The Monster Hunter mod – Monster hunt under the bed

A way of expressing and exaggerating developer intelligence. Have you ever felt something under your bed when they make your childhood fears come true? The developer, The Monster Hunter, has included that in this game. The story is about two brothers who have long nightmares. There is no way to get rid of them if we do nothing. However, they discovered that a dark force appeared under the bed they used to sleep on. So they picked up the chandelier and started hunting for them. So your biggest challenge in the game is catching as many monsters as possible.

In each level, use your finger to move the light around the screen. When touching a monster, the light will absorb them and make them disappear completely. You get extra points and accumulated chains to make it easier to catch monsters. Along the way, there are also a lot of money bags for you to collect. That money will help you upgrade the lamp and make it shine even more. When you catch a monster, it will be added to your collection. There are achievements included to reward players who have continuously captured monsters. You will upgrade the lights to become stronger through each level to catch more high-level monsters, especially the scary final boss monster.

The Monster Hunter mod apk

Monster Collection

The monsters you catch are the cause of many of your lingering nightmares. They are not the same but have different designs and serve many specific roles. Elemental monsters will have no effect, and you can catch them easily. Some species can move quickly on the screen, so seeing them will not be easy. Especially monsters capable of destroying your lantern. They will surround the lantern and not let it move. If the lantern is destroyed, you will lose and end your monster-hunting journey. So be careful against the attack and collect as many monsters as possible.

The Monster Hunter mod apk free

Skills that give strength

The amount of money you collect in each monster hunt is not meaningless. Most of you will use that money to upgrade the skills needed when hunting. Specifically and most importantly is the lantern used to catch monsters. You can use the money to upgrade each part of the lamp. Increase brightness, size, monster capture range, and lamp movement speed… Then there are external skills to hold off monsters. Make them move slower and easier to catch. Increase the depth of the lamp when it can go anywhere under your bed. There are more monsters down there than you think. This is the perfect time to catch them.

The Monster Hunter mod free

Suitable for all ages

Although it brings a rather dark theme and addresses the nightmares of our childhood, the Monster Hunter has quite friendly and lovely graphics. It won’t be a problem if children can reach this game. The creation of monsters is also based on an exciting and funny cartoon style. Does not cause fear and restlessness for players. At the same time, this topic also targets nightmares and teaches us how to get rid of them. It is a positive message, and children will learn that we can face our fears. And once you get over it, the feeling will be unique and exhilarating.

The Monster Hunter free

Imagine an extraordinarily engaging and dramatic monster-hunting story under the bed, from the lantern’s power and illuminating the dark lands. The Monster Hunter will be beautiful if you have an underlying fear of yours. Let’s start with monster hunts with lanterns under the bed you sleep in daily. Collect monster collection and overcome your fear in The Monster Hunter mod.

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